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Free shipping on HMR orders over $200! We have the complete HMR product family – Shakes, Soups, Cereals, Entrees and Bars. These low-calorie, nutritious and portion-controlled foods can help you lose weight and still feel satisfied. In fact, studies show that, on average, dieters using meal replacements lose 2½-3 times as much weight as those on traditional diets. Plus, these foods taste great…dieters who use these products LOVE them! With HMR you get taste, nutrition and weight-loss results – all in one.

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HMR at Home

A simple daily diet plan, automatic delivery, free shipping and 10% OFF…HMR at Home has it all! With this DIY program, you’ll follow the Healthy Solutions diet of 3 shakes, 2 entrees and 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day. You’ll also enjoy automatic delivery of your HMR foods – so you’ll never run out of food. And, we’ll send you a recipe book and a give you a free coaching call to get you started on your weight loss journey. There are no membership fees – just the cost of food less your 10% discount!


HMR Clinic

We are Tennessee’s only HMR Clinic Program! At our office, we offer HMR foods, weekly classes, individual coaching and medical support – everything you need to achieve long-term weight-loss success. As providers of HMR Programs, we have helped many lose weight and keep it off. We offer both the HMR Decision-Free™ and the Healthy Solutions® diet plans. Come meet with a Health Coach for a free one-on-one consultation and see how we can help your reach your goals!


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